So as mentioned in the previous post i will be taking part in the exhibition 'Fish and chips, Twice please!' you can read all about the event on Dazed Digital which includes and interview with its curators Emma Bell and Polona Dolzan. 

The article went online today in which i get my very own little mention! 

...which i was quite excited about...hence the lame circling of my name. Anyway have a little read and if your around the city stop by and check it out for yourself! Here is a link to the Facebook page to find out more info and you can follow the progress of the event on its Twitter Page so check it out everyone! 


I can now officially announce that at the beginning of June i will be taking part in an exhibition titled 'Fish and chips, twice please' in Vienna's Quartier21.

One of the main curator's of the exhibition is friend and designer Emma Bell. The Exhibition will feature many great british talents including Scott Ramsay kyle, Charlie Le Mindu, Louise Gray, Nicholas Kirkwood and many more! I will be presenting my graduate collection in the new designer showcase section the week beginning the 10th of june!




After 8 months of long days in the studio having not much of a life, working hard over a pattern table or sewing machine, 15 garments and 6 outfits later the collection is ready to go! It's been a pretty manic and mental couple of weeks I had very little sleep during this time leaving myself completly exhausted! After my hand in my mum drove me home for a good sleep and now I'm up in a nice hotel inliverpool visiting the boyfriend while he's away on work. A couple of days for recovery then back to work again! I'll write a more indepth post when I'm at my computer. Just testing out the blogger app on my iphone! Here a couple of sneak peak pictures though...

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Location:St Nicholas Pl,Liverpool,United Kingdom



Today i had a phone call from my head of year informing me that i have been selected to send away one of my outfits to be photographed by the legendary photographer Rankin! The model Rosie Huntington Whiteley of the Burberry campaign will be wearing my outfit which is also very exciting! Some unis have been selected by Graduate Fashion Week to put forward 3 students work to represent them. The shoot is Written about briefly on

At the moment this is about all i know! I can't believe i got selected I'm in shock! but so so happy! Also happy that my two friends Jo Graham and Steph Eyre got selected too! The outfit has to be sent away on monday! Luckily its my finished garments! Anyway its getting late and i still have more work to get done tonight so I will end with that news and update with my progress when i have the time! In the meantime heres a couple of his recent ELLE covers...