I really want to reveal the concept and plan for my collection...but im not going to jussstt yet. Maybe tomorrow! I've speant alot of time at my desk today, where the magic happens...

I'm so OVERLY excited about the collection now! I've had things down for quite a while but the past few days I've been taking everything from my sketch book and working it properly and clearly into separate sheets on photoshop, explaining and illustrating the concept. Everything is falling into place perfectly and is making so much sense! Seeing it all pinned up on my wall above my desk coming together makes me feel so happy! It's totally me but not really what people would expect of me which is good. I came up with a name for the collection tonight with the help of my housemates! group brainstorming sessions are always fun! I see everything together as a final image the shoots the video the show everything when i can see it all that far i know its right. :)



After months of waiting for this film last night i finally got to watch it! It's typical that the night i find it online my boyfriend finds it in Asda the next day. But whatever, i got to see it and I LOVED IT!!!

Anna Wintour is surprisingly really likable. Shes not a bitch as everyone makes out shes just doing her job and if your not supplying work that is good enough then why should she make you feel like it is? Its a really good view on the industry and a really nice insight to the people behind vogue, i think even if fashion isn't your main interest its deff worth a watch!


We've had a long 3 months off since we finished second year and we've had a lot of time to recover, think and prepare ourselves for the most important and crucial project of our lives so far...THE FINAL COLLECTION! I've been going over and over my ideas in my head all summer, its something i have constantly been thinking about (and worrying about).

We had our brief today...a long talk about all that is involved and all that is expected. It's ALOT, ALOT of work. ALOT of pressure and ALOT of stress! but also ALOT of fun. I'm sure theirs going to be plenty of high days and plenty of low OMG why am i doing this to myself? where is this even going to take me? am i good enough blah blah blah...days... but hopefully after a cry and a moan ill get over it. Until it comes around again. Which it will.

Of course we are being thrown straight into it and next week we have to present our concepts to our tutors and fellow students, and just hope we don't get torn apart and crucified in front of everyone. The tutors can be very honest and if they think your idea is shit, they will tell you its shit. I need to be organised this year so i sat down went over my brief put it into a folder and made myself a time table of what needs to be done untill my first review in 4 weeks.

I am not going to unveil the concept and theme just yet but when i have finished presenting it clearly and have the feedback im hoping for from the tutors i will announce it.I'm feeling quite positive about my concept I think I have chosen the one perfect for me. I'm excited but I'm also pretty pretrified. The pressure is really on this year!


Fashion Week

So as im sure you are all aware yesterday marked the end of London Fashion Week for another season. I manged to get involved in a bit of stuff through the lovely Alexis Knox who i met through working with Emma Bell. So after an amazing night at coldplay i had to get up and catch a train in the morning to go and meet Russell a.k.a 'Random Bangle' to help him with the finishing touches on his stuff for Designer Ziad Ghanem.

If you have'nt seen any Random Bangle peices here is an image taken from the previous collection which he did for Ziad Ghanem.

It was great to go and help out and see how Russell makes and constructs his pieces i love being able to see how other people work and what their inspirations are. After a day of cutting and sewing i got back home to get some sleep as i'd arranged to help out at the show the next day. That night i had a call from Alexis needing me to do her a favour as two of her interns had cancelled. The plan for the next day was basically get to the Notion Magazine office for 8.30 am to collect suitcases of clothes that needed to be taken to Birmingham and dropped off for a shoot then get back to convent garden for the show. My alarm went off very early the next morning!

I managed to get to Notion offices dead on 8.30 met the other intern who would be joining me on the trip collected to suitcases and jumped in a cab to Euston. It was a challenge trying to move so many suitcases its quite difficult trying to drag 3 fairly big sized at one time but i created my own technique in the end. Anyway we got to Birmingham jumped in another cab which took us on a bit of a tour trying to find the right place to deliver them to but eventually we found it. Once we handed over the clothes we signed collected the money for the travel and headed back to London for this...

We got to the Vaxhual venue for about 3 o'clock was informed which model i would be dressing and got him into his fist outfit. The show was in collaboration with Fire Trap the denim brand so there was a lot of rewored denim involved! Some amazing shapes were created using triangles and geometric patterns. I know how difficult they are to sew since i used a similar concept in my creative cut project. Ziad used the less conventional models to give more of an impact they all seemed to have that special something about them and a striking look different to what most designers usually go for.



So me and my housemate were bored the other day and jealous that our other housemate Carla just got offered a Coldplay ticket for FREE! Soooo we decided to buy one off ebay as it was for the following day we had to meet the seller at victoria station! Yess we did think it could be dodgy but thankfully it was all fine and the handover went smoothly!

Unfortunatly i left my camera at my friends house so i couldnt take it so i have stolen the pictures from the lovely Deema Zainy who we were with!

First up to perfrom were a band called White Lies Followed closely by Girls aloud! Who put on a very camp performance! I really wish someone would give them a burger or something they have legs that look like they might break!

Then was the amazing Jay-Z, that man really knows how to get the crowd going!!

Wow that is alot of people behind us!!

Coldplay were an amazing live band! the atmosphere was bloody incredible too! It poured down as they came on and we got seriously drenched but somehow it just made the atmosphere even better!

The gig was really visual the graphics were really beautiful! I think my favourite thing that they did was the unleashment of thousands of butterflies that glowed!! ahhh it was soooo pretty!!



My good friend and designer Emma Bell has been shortlisted for the British Airways Great Britons Scheme and its all up to the public Vote who wins!

If Emma gets the prize she will be jetting to Tokyo so help her out and VOTE PRETTY PLEASE!!! It only takes a minute you simply register with your email address and click vote! simple!