Blogging from the airport in Bratislava...its a pretty dead airport but it has free wi-fi so I can keep the boredom at bay by finally updating properly about the show on Sunday night! 

So of course like always I was pretty nervous before the show (understatement) I always find the build up so nerve wracking! However I did feel a lot better about this one as for the first time showing this collection I was finally allowed to be backstage. The day before I took some time out to look around the designers stands and to watch a show to check out the venue and get a feel for what to expect at mine...this made me even more nervous. When I got back to my studio I checked my emails to find Tillman Kaisers name in my inbox! (After discovering Kaisers work at his exhibition 'Hallucination Engine' in London I decided to use it as the inspiration for my collection!) After researching his work so much and doing so many presentations on it at uni it was quite surreal to read an email from him. Tillman said he was coming to my show so I arranged some VIP tickets to get him and his wife on front row, which again made me even more nervous! 

The day began with a long four hour fitting with all the models in the chaos that was backstage but it all went smoothly and there was only two minor alterations that had to be made. There wasn't much time to get all the models hair and make-up done before getting them changed for the show as the break between each designer was only around 40 minutes so it was a mad rush getting everyone ready but luckily we did it just on time! The show went really well and all the models looked amazing! When it was finally over I wanted to do it all again! 

I am yet to receive my photos from the show but there a few floating around on the internet so I will post a couple more as another preview.....

I was helped by the lovely Josephine R. Magno who is the lady behind the label MRJ producing hands free bags! I met Josephine when i was over in Vienna earlier in the summer for 'Fish and chips, Twice Please?!' and as her label had a stand at the fashion week we thought it only made sence to collaborate and have some of her designs on the runway as well! So she got to work on bags for the collection merging our two styles together to work for the show. Here is one of her hands free bags below...



Spot my work around the Museums Quarter in Vienna!



Yesterday marked the end of the MQ Vienna Fashion Week and I was lucky enough to take part and showcase an extended version of my graduate collection. It was a busy, nerve wracking and hectic day but I had so much fun! I even got to meet the artist behind the inspiration for the collection!

I have had a nice rest today and I will blog about the show in more depth tomorrow, for now here is a preview shot I found online from the show last night.



So I am here in Vienna once again for the final time to showcase an extended version of my graduate collection at Vienna Fashion Week!

I'm now all settled in to my studio which I will be in for the next few days and making the final preparations for the show which will be taking place tomorrow in the Museums Quarter at 9.00pm. The show is presenting quartier21's fashion design artists in residents who have been working in the studios here over the past couple of months.

Above is the programme advertising the goings on in Quartier21 during September, which includes a picture of my boned organdie dress which was shot by Alexander Jordan. You can pick up a leaflet around the Museums Quarter in Vienna.

Wish me luck for tomorrow!



A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by the lovely Tiffany Baron for the online magazine and store 

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The guide for Vienna Fashion Week is out!

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