...and also

Got a bit carried away on the MOO site, 90 stickers for £4.99!

Got this image printed onto them...

Just couldn't resist!

Business Cards

Now my loan has come through i thought it was about time i got myself some decent business cards printed! I used MOO to create them it was £10.99 for 50 cards and your allowed as many different images as you want! 

These were the two i chose to use.

This is what will appear on the reverse side!

I cant wait to receive them in the post! I also bought a black holder for them which i can attach to my key chain so they will always be handy and safe! 

Bad news

We had to get rid of the Rabbit today

sad times...

Fabric Shopping tomorrow! 


A quick update

Oohh i have a few things to blog about today! 

So i had my toile review for the group collection yesterday! as with most group projects it can be quite difficult at times and we were a member down for the meeting so our tutors were not happy at alllll so a this caused major issues with them which was disappointing but hopefully all will be good when we get to see the final outfit! 

Here is my outfit! i haven't been able to scan in any of my sketches as unfortunately my scanner broke and i still need to buy a new one!! Basically the jacket is going to be made out of leather so its going to be stiff and flare out so should create a really nice silhouette. I managed to find some really long fringing so its going to be really full of fringing which will get longer towards the edge of those shoulder pieces i just sewed on a little bit of it onto the toile. The dress underneath is out of jersey which is tight and fitted with shaped panels a square neck which is very low at the back and it will have shoulder pads in which i will shape to emulate the jacket.It has another layer iver the top of that which is draped in chiffon with straps that come up from the center and over the shoulder and join together to center down the back. Ill explain it all in more detail when I've made the final garments! It should look a lot stronger when i make the real thing so should have it up soon! 

My loan has come in this week which means i may have to make a couple of purchases first one im thinking is this leotard from american apparel...



i also love this little guy...

Meet Alfie our new addition to the house! 

So flippin cute! and soft. anyway i must leave t there as its half 3 in the morning and i need my beauty sleep. 


Good early morning

Its a saturday and I'm up at 7 in the morning. Gonna session the work today starting with a big tidy up on my bedroom. Hopefully I'll get out and enjoy a bit of the sun though! I'll post up what I get done tonight! 


Updated Layout...

So I've been working hard on my website and layout of this blog today practicing my webbing skillzz!! I think its all coming together nicely, looks a lot more fresh! simple but eye catching i think! hope you like it! Comments and tips are very welcome! 

Website building

I've been having a go at building my website today i was advised to use WIX which provides a really easy program to  create sites using flash so ive been able to have some fun and use some interesting affects.
Here is a bit of what the homepage is looking like so far i love it when it loads up as the black shape fades in stripes revealing my logo underneath as it loads looks pretty cool when all the affects are in place! Hopefully ill have it up and running very soon! 


Ohhh the new layout has begun...

Got the start of the new layout done tonight... what do you think so far? I'm not a web or graphic designer so i've just had to edit using the regular blogger restrictions, hopefully ill be able to add some more things n change it up a little I'm just searching for random tutorials online to help me. If you notice i have changed the little icon next to the web address so its the little face! i like the small tweaks like that! Anyway i think it looks a little fresher than it did before! 

New Layout coming soon

So i have had a lovely little break for easter got to see my dad, had my first trip to essex and went home to leicester for a few days to catch up with some old friends! So all in all i had a really nice time. I got back to my house in Chatham yesterday and to my joy the sun outside is shining brightly so in pure english style me and a couple of friends are going to wack a BBQ out later! fun times! 

Anyway the main reason im posting is to show a little something im working on! I'm not really a fan of the layout to my blog i feel it needs to me more personalised and fitting to my style so in the next week i hope to have a whole new look! To the left is an idea for the header... hopefully ill have it all done by the end of the week!  



So its the start of the easter holidays, day one, and I'm already bored out my mind! Right now I'm in the living room with only mice to keep me company! I have managed to spend the first day off with a hangover, i wish i could say it was worth it for a good night but it really wasn't. I think I'm going to invent an easter resolution, and mine is to not drink. ever again. I thought i was going to be on my own this weekend but my dad has come to my rescue and is taking me to his in-laws for wine and chinese. or as my new resolution kinda gets in the way of that ill just say chinese. So after i have a little break and some fun monday I'm gonna get a load of work done so i can post up some progress on the beloved blog! but for now...



TOPSHOP fashion targets breast cancer

I'm proper loving the new Target tee by Topshop!! Its for a cause i feel very strongly about and its totally me!! loving the Op-Art inspired feel to it! i Know what I'm buying next and it goes to a good cause!!! Watch the Promo Vid HERE.



I'm on a relentless overload right now. 


Is going to kill me today. got to hand in tomorrow. not looking forward to it. I don't think fashion students should have to do a dissertation. eurghhh. On the bright side i should be getting the pics from the shoot back today so i will be able to post some up online tonight! woop! 


The Black Widow

I had to make the jacket in this black fabric for a project. Didn't turn out to great. I'm gonna alter the design and make it into a caplet type thing maybe change the collar and make it in leather!!

But for now heres a few pics of the garment at this stage...

Was such a bitch to sew!!!

Jean Pierre Braganza

Today at uni we were given a lecture by designer Jean Pierre Braganza, he used to tutor at 3rd year untill just last year he had to leave which was quite disappointing, but we were lucky to get a lecture with him today which has to be my favorite lecture of the year! I love his work and found his lecture really inspiring and interesting, its great to hear about the industry from someone who really does live it. Of course like every designer and lecturer he made it very clear how stressful, draining, and he used the term heart breaking a lot, it is to run your own label! For some reason its the stress and manic schedule of the industry that appeals to me and excites me the most! the feeling that you can get out of that is worth it all in the end. It does make me laugh when people are constantly mocking fashion courses and the design industry, a few favorite smug comments, "Fashion? thats not a real course", "So what do you actually want to do then? just be a famous fashion designer" their is nothing more patronizing or annoying than when people ask me those questions. Fashion is not just a doss it is not glamorous in the slightest that is all just a front, yeah their maybe parties, celebs and shows but that is just a tiny part of it. The work that goes into making a collection and a business is never ending their is always more work that could be done. I think it all depends on how much love and passion you have for it which determines how much you will be able to take which then determines how successful you are, along with knowing the right people of course!!! Which could seem unfair but thats life you wont get anywhere if you can't network. After all its not about what you know its about WHO you know!

Anyway i need to get on and do some work. Time to start draping! 


The toile...

So here are a few pictures of the completed toile as promised yesterday, excuse my messy bedroom in the background. Its impossible to keep tidy when doing work...




It was pretty difficult to sew together as there are a lot of corners and points running into one another so i had to be very careful and precise on the machine! The sleeves, collar, and the pieces that kinda stick out on the back and at the bottom on the sides were all interfaced so they stand well. I have made this in final fabric for a project their were a few problems which need resolving but ill post pictures soon! My next plan though is to use the top of the garment to make a leather caplet type garment! I'm going to add buckled straps to thr front across the chest and some to the back which will come out from the bottom of the sleeves to hold its shape! As soon as i have money that is what i will be doing! hope you like! 


The Making of the 'Black Widow' Jacket

I love using paper on the stand to come up with cuts for garments now, you can explore a lot more faster and cheaper! here are some pics of the process i went through to create my jacket that i like to call the 'Black Widow' 

I created a technique piecing triangles and rectangles together and just played around on the stand!!

I added things and took them away taking pictures as i went along so i could easily go back to a idea! 

I started to fill any gaps that i could create other shapes with out of calico by pinning and tracing it off on the stand.

Sticking with the main features i liked i placed on style lines ready to drape the rest of the garment. 

Once id marked on the rest of the style lines i was able to trace them off in calico and take patterns from them and the paper shapes i had created ready to cut out in calico to make my toile!

I'll post pictures of the toile tomorrow! 

Courtney and Kurt shoot for LOLITA magazine!

Lolita is a fashion magazine that is being put together by a group of Fashion Promotion students from UCA Rochester! Over the past week my housemate Naomi and i have been planning a shoot to be featured in the magazine! We were given the brief to create a shoot inspired by Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain and their young love for each other! 

After a few different ideas and directions we decieded to use our house in the end and shoot in a bedroom, the living room and our garden! It took a while to set up the different scenes so it didnt look like we'd just done it in our house as a last resort but after a few different attempts we got it looking right and setting the right mood! We gathered a load of clothing together and sorted out some different looks ready the night before and hung them on Naomi's rail that she had bought from Argos a few days before to use for shoots...

...turns out it was cheap for a reason!! 

Our lovely models arrived early yesterday morning ready to get the hair and make up done by myself and Naomi once we had them looking hott we got straight down to a long day of shooting! We got a lot of cool shots so we are now just waiting for the images back off of our Photographer Ryan ready to send to the girls at LOLITA! Can't wait to see them! I will post up the best ones once i have received them! 

You can check out my housemate Naomi's blog HERE.