I haven't been posting too much about my collection on here recently! I dont want to give everything away so every now and then ill give a little insight! I really enjoyed developing prints for the river island project so I am planning on incorporating a print into my collection and im currently playing with ideas about how to do it! I think im going to use some of the photos i took for the river island project as the lights can fit in with the halucintation part of my concept and i love them and would be a shame not to be able to actually use them! I want to work on top of this with insect wings and maybe some eyes, Tilman Kaiser the artist im looking at for the inspiration behind my collection has insects and eyes worked into his paintings so its a good reference i can use.

Above is a pattern I'm making with a outlined drawing of a flies wing, i placed each on in different positions which took me ages and sent my eyes funny! I want it to end up being a little trippy though!

Then above and below are some quick examples of how i can incorporate the wings and lights together. I put filters on the edited pictures of lights and took different sections i liked tiled it and added the wings on top to accentuate the shapes.

I dont think these will get used it was just to show the idea and a starting point. I think i need to town down the colours a bit but i think once I've worked on them over the next few weeks i should have something pretty hot! Let me know what you think!



I'd like to introduce my readers to a new magazine hitting the internet in the next few months the first issue has been printed and soo will be up online for everyone to access. The people behind the project include my two housemates Imy Smart and Naomi Brown a.k.a Naomi Styles. Below is a sneak peak at the current issue and a few lines about the concept. Make sure to become a fan on facebook to be kept up to date with the online development!

"Book 77 has been created for the decadent and dysfunctional. We aim to shock those who believe they have seen everything and invite those into a world of sexy, rich and obscene. Book 77 is the essential, quirky, classy and British magazine, which effortlessly combines enthralling journalism, fashion, stories, arts, sex diaries, letters and confessions for men and women."

Its a great magazine offering something a bit different for a change! It's perfect for anyone with a dark side!


FINALLY! managed to over sleep this morning, woken by my housemate shouting at me to get up in time to make it to the printers before hand! So glad thats another thing done and dusted. Now back to the collection. So much to do never enough time!



I can happily say that i have now completed the River Island competition print project! Its 4.03 in the morning which is a good time to finish before a hand in i think as I actually get to have some sleep!! Thought I'd upload a few things I'm handing in tomorrow first below are my

My illustrations were created using pen, scanned bits of fabrics, my prints and photos mixed up with some different filters.

My range plan above showing the whole collection and print variations. The gap at the top is wear i will be sticking my fabrics.

Heres another close up of an illustration i really hope i manage to get these printed ok!

and finally above is a quick snap of my book i got printed yesterday which cost me over £100 RIDICULOUS! at least it looks good, i did my layout so i had the print to the left my working drawings on tracing paper which had the print positioning underneath so you can see it clearly with out the drawing on top! (i think thats why it was so expensive!)

Anyway my alarm is set for seven in the morning to get everything ready! i wish i could sleep after but its back to working on the collection as i have an assessed review for that in 2 weeks, and there is ALOT to do! But now sleepy times, Good night.


On the last part of my River Island project now hand in tomorrow! Trying to finish my illustrations and range plan which I'm going to have to try and get printed first thing in the morning, nothing like some last minute stress before hand in!

Heres one of my illustrations I've been working on today!