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I can't get over how fast time is flying by at the moment. I realized that it is now two years since i ventured over to india to do some work experience at Filaure which is ran by my Aunty. It was an amazing experience for me and at times challenging, i was definitely a little nervous to be flying to the other side of the world on my own! Auroville has some beautiful sites and i met some wonderful people, i thought i'd post up a few pictures as i havnt mentioned my trip on the blog before!

The Two Pictures above were takem at the center of Auroville the huge globe building at the top is called the Matrimandir its an AMAZING  building which contains a meditation chamber at the top its an amazing work of art that has taken years to build. The picture beneath that is of the beautiful banyan tree that is next to the Matrimandir the roots grow down from the branches making it look like a group of trees together.

My favourite lizard that i would see running past my feet in the garden most days! 

The little tortoise my second cousins managed to find in their garden! i wish i could of brought it back with me as a pet. 

Can safely say i didnt want to take this one back home as a pet though! 

While helping out at my aunties factory i was able to go and source fabric in the city of Chennai. I had to go to the market where they sold big lots of fabric at extremely cheap prices and select nice ones to take back to be made into garments for the boutique. Above are some pictures of the view from the hotel i was staying in while visiting the city. 

Also in chennai is a crocodile sanctuary where they bread crocodiles in their masses! They had some pretty beasty crocs i can tell you! I also go to see hundreds of snakes that they captured for their venom in order to create Anti-venom.

India is one crazy place! I recommend going and checking it out! Its MENTAL!


Being summer and all Alexander Jordan(and his camera) and I decided to make the most of the nice weather and take a trip to colchester Zoo!

Before we even got out to see the animals i found my way to the gift shop! its always the best part, especially when you find hats like these!!

Jordan and his new best friend!

Jordan being the photographer that he is managed to take some good snaps, obv not quite on par with my amazing iphone pics but there alright...

...ok maybe they are better than mine. Not only did he manage to take some wicked pictures, he had to go one step further to better me with this awesome video of the Sea Lions! i did find the music though! Anyway its a really nice little video so i suggest you all have a watch! 

Isn't it dreamy? To see more of Alexander Jordan's work check out his website or have a read of his blog.



About a year ago now i came across this book online i was able to read the 1st chapter and was impressed with how brutally honest and realistic it was! Already in the first chapter it gave a brilliant insight into the industry!

I purchased it a while ago now and have still not got round to reading it properly but i think its time i did! I'll come back with a review of it soon. 



I can't wait to see this film! Something to look forward to...


A couple of days ago i had some time to wander around london by myself, id seen the posters around advertising the latest exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, Walking in my Mind and decided to check it out. Before i even got into the gallery the trees along South Bank were wrapped up in red and white poker dotted fabric which seemed to fit in with the image used to advertise the exhibition...

It Started well as i managed to get in for free due to the ticket machine being broken was pretty happy about that as it managed to save me £6.00! (thats like 3 iced vanilla lattes!)  I wasnt too sure what to expect but the idea of 10 different artists using art and instalations to represent what goes on in their minds was intriguing to me. I think its really interesting to see how different people interpret the same brief and the with mind being such a complex and broad subject, so personal too each artist, i assumed it would be a varied and possibly quite bizarre exhibition...

and...i was right. The installations ranged from the a sweet little hut containing kitch ornanments, notebooks and drawings with a record player blaring out music showing a sort of childhood nostalgia to a vulgar room packed with what could simply be described as junk representing the mind storing all its clutter, thoughts and experiences... and hard core porn, in no sort of order.      

The above picture shows a walkthrough of what is meant to be seen as the brain. It was made out of card and tape creating a sort of cave like room which contained items such as photos, foiled people and books representing the different memories and thoughts stored in the mind.

I managed to sneak a few pictures on my iphone not really the best shots but i had to be discrete! Its an interesting exhibition and i really enjoyed my time looking around it and into creative minds! So go check it out for yourself! 



Managed to pick up the new copy of notion magazine at WH Smiths today! Wanted to make sure i have it in the collection as i was assisting on the Puma Advert featured on the inside!

Make sure you go get a copy!! its a great read and features the adventures of Emma Bell in New York for the Designers Against aids Event which showcased the collection I helped make! Look out for my name in the Speacial Thanks to section as well!! 


To pass sometime today me and my boyfriend Alexander Jordan decided to have some fun creating a little tribute to Michael Jackson! A quivering bloke, an iphone, and a moonwalk later we got this...



I have had a little re-vamp of the blog today neatened it up a bit, a good spring clean! It has taken me quite a few hours messing around with html codes and what not but I think its turned out alright though! I now have links down the side to my C.V, Biography and Website so its now less cluttered down the side! I've been all over the place with this blog recently so having a nice tidy up makes me feel a lot better about it! Hope you all like! 



Im not moving anymore. I figured after all this time id rather keep my followers and stay here. I have a website up! just a simple lightroom layout until mine gets designed! currently waiting for my friend Gemma to design my logo and what not so hopefully have a revamp soon! check out the new website until then though www.emmabox.com.