I have created a myspace to go alongside my blog another way to promote it and what not! so if your a myspace fan go add me as a friend here 

I have also added a page to the blog which shows my portfolio to date. I just edited an old post and linked it at the side so if you want to check it out its a nice and easy click away! 

Hopefully get a couple of shoots done soon try out a bit more of this styling malarky! Hopefully get one done with Alexander Jordan soon and also Photographer James Frew contacted me asking if i would like to do something so gonna get my thinking cap on! 

watch this space...


Wedding Outfit

My dad is getting married in a few weeks so i have to dress nice and propper for the occasion. I HATE having to dress like this so going to find an outfit was a right mission. 

I ended up going for a dress from Urban Outfitters and the shoes which i do love from Top Shop Boutique.

More Femme Fatale Images

 Just received some new images from Alexander Jordan...

Can't believe we managed to do this in my living room! 


Blog of the day

I just received an email from the bloggers networking site FuelMyBlog letting me know i have recieved the Blog of the Day award how fun!! 

Oohhh theres my logo at the top of the home page look! 

... and heres my award! 


The Graduate Fashion Week Winner

On the last day of GFW the gala show is held which showcases the best collections of the week infront of a panel of judges which includes Giles Deacon and Mathew Williamson!

Proudly the winner of the Gold award, and £20,000 to continue with her line, was Mytro Samou from my university UCA Rochester! The bar has definitely been raised high now! I am not surprised someone from Rochester won as their were so many strong collections.  Giles Deacon said "we felt her collection had a very strong signature style. It was a cohesive range which could easily be sold tomorrow." 


Summer is here...

So i treated myself to a new pair of sandals for my holiday in Malta
£40.00 from Office i like that there are so many straps and they are soooo comfy! 


Graduate Fashion Week

Every year london hosts a special fashion week for the Graduates of Fashion courses across the country. Not all Universities are lucky enough to show, but if they don't put on a catwalk show they will have a stand allowing students work to be viewed by possible clients. It's a major opportunity for everyone, with many competitions, celebrities and press GFW is could happen to be a great way to kick start a career. 

Yesterday was My university's (UCA Rochester) Catwalk show where 20 of the third year graduates were chosen to represent the course.  The Show was a great success and it showed some very strong collections. The thing i like about my uni is that is pushes to produce wearable, sellable clothes but at the same time being different with very complicated and sophisiticated cuts and drapes. I hate to see collections where people have tried so hard to be different that it really kinda looks ridiculous. The clothes at our show were iniviative, striking, beautiful and sophisticated, the bar has been set very high for us second years to compete next year. I took my camera unfortuantly its pretty slow and the models walk pretty fast so combined that doesnt work to well but ive picked a few of my favourite ones to show you



Had a little break

So second year is over and I've managed to celebrate by having myself a little break making the most of the hot weather! it really has been AMAZING! Check out this beautiful view of london,

We managed to find that when we took a trip to Hampstead Heath such an amazing view! Took a while to find it but it was worth it in the end! I've also been to visit my friend in kingston, stayed with my brother and met up with my mum in london and now I'm back in my little village in Leicestershire for a few days! 

I do have something fashion related to blog about though! As I have been assisting Emma Bell since February i got to go and help her out with the styling for a photo shoot the other day. Again it was for Notion Magazine but this time it was for an advert for Puma. Puma are one of Notions sponsors so they sent over loads of stuff which we had to make four looks out of, two for a girl and two for a guy. 

It was a fun shoot and was shot outside on location which was really nice as the london sun was beaming and it was very very hot! I'm looking forward to seeing the final images i think they will look really cool, and Puma had a few really hot pieces who knew they were going all fashion now!