Work It!

So I said I'd start by adding some work i have done in my previous year at uni so ill start by adding one of my first projects...

This was a fabric manipulation project basically we had to find random bits and pieces and sew, glue whatever we wanted to make some fun pieces of fabric to fit one of three themes. The theme i chose for my inspiration was work wear so i decided to choose the uniform people usually where working in the construction occupation. I took a trip to the pound shop and bought all things that they might use in that field of work and took them apart and played around and came up with some fun little ideas. I've just posted two which i have scanned in from my board in my portfolio i have also included the mood board i made this though by sticking down different pieces of fabric and print outs so it doesn't have the same effect scanned in as it does in real life but you get the idea of it! 

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