Femme Fatale

So i thought it was about time i did something with my jacket from a tailoring project i had to do a while ago. I hate tailoring. With a passion. So to bring a bit more me into it i did something a little bright and fun to play with! I do however have quite a contrasting dark side so had to add a bit of goth into it with the black. love it. Heres a sneak at the first image to come out of it more exciting ones on the way though!!

The theme behind the jacket was titled Femme Fatale after one of my favourite songs by the amazing velvet underground! I used those lyrics and looked at strong female icons throughout history taking the elements of their personalities which seem to run throughout to come up with a concept. I also looked at bondage and fetish hence the long sleeves and ties... the back of the jacket didn't work as well in the main fabric as it did in the toile, which was quite disappointing as it was a main feature, which just sort of droops pathetically in the fabric used in the final garment but there we go... calico is shit and misleading from now on I'm going to use as similar fabric i can find cheap to the main one i intend to use so that doesn't happen again!! 

My housemate Naomi Brown would like to get into styling so once i found the accessories and make up i wanted i got her on board to direct the shoot. Rose Jocham is my amazing model she can be found on the Profile model agency site! Last but not least! The amazing photography was done by Alexander Jordan

The rest will be uploaded very soon...

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