A quick update

Oohh i have a few things to blog about today! 

So i had my toile review for the group collection yesterday! as with most group projects it can be quite difficult at times and we were a member down for the meeting so our tutors were not happy at alllll so a this caused major issues with them which was disappointing but hopefully all will be good when we get to see the final outfit! 

Here is my outfit! i haven't been able to scan in any of my sketches as unfortunately my scanner broke and i still need to buy a new one!! Basically the jacket is going to be made out of leather so its going to be stiff and flare out so should create a really nice silhouette. I managed to find some really long fringing so its going to be really full of fringing which will get longer towards the edge of those shoulder pieces i just sewed on a little bit of it onto the toile. The dress underneath is out of jersey which is tight and fitted with shaped panels a square neck which is very low at the back and it will have shoulder pads in which i will shape to emulate the jacket.It has another layer iver the top of that which is draped in chiffon with straps that come up from the center and over the shoulder and join together to center down the back. Ill explain it all in more detail when I've made the final garments! It should look a lot stronger when i make the real thing so should have it up soon! 

My loan has come in this week which means i may have to make a couple of purchases first one im thinking is this leotard from american apparel...



i also love this little guy...

Meet Alfie our new addition to the house! 

So flippin cute! and soft. anyway i must leave t there as its half 3 in the morning and i need my beauty sleep. 

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