So while i wait for the email containing the Marketing report words so i can make that i thought id set up a new myspace to go alongside this blog! I'm still trying to make it snazzy so once its done ill post up the URL. 

Also i have a couple more backstage pictures from last weeks shoot...

This picture below shows the make-up pretty well! we chose to use a brown shadow on the eye with a liner of black some fake eyelashes and white eyeliner which gives it a softer effect! 

Doesn't she look pretty! 

I have been asked by Alexander jordan to help style another shoot for him and Charlie Oscar same thing as the previous one we did the other day but gonna do a few more looks n maybe get some shots at night with the scooter! should be fun! 

Got to go to sassoon tomorrow for a consultation for this shoot find out what ill have done to my hair and make-up exciting! hope its gonna be good! 


my_love_is_only_yours said...

she does look pretty =)
usually....does it take more people to ready some one for a shoot?

Emma Box said...

depends how fast you want it done and whos doing what really! you may have someone doing hair and someone else doing make-up. All depends really!