Todays Shoot for Alexander Jordan

We had a little lie in this morning and started getting ready for the shoot around half eleven it started to rain as i got the iron making us a little concerned, but luckily it was a just a small shower and did'nt get in the way of the shoot! I printed of the different looks so Jordan could pick his favourites packed the clothing away and off we went for a fun day of shooting! 

Charlie did a great job and had the perfect look that was needed! The wind wasnt too fun to work in though! Take a look at a couple of Jordan's Images...

He never fails to produce something Great! 

To see more of the images check out his Flickr or Check out his blog 

 Alexander Jordan has just been shortlisted for a photography contest so if your liking his work please go and vote for him here in the Luxsure Photo Contest 


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