After spending all afternoon on the computer i got to have a nice evening in london! went to oxford street first and bought that american apparel leotard i'd been wanting for ages! looks so nice! i just had to get it!

Someone else from  vidal sassoon approached me in topshop about doing a photo shoot for them so ill get a cut and colour for it and a make up artist from vogue will be doing my make-up and the sassoon casting director will be their to sort it so seems more fun than what I've been doing so i said id do that instead of the other stuff! I have to go in one day this week to sort out what I'm gonna have done with the hair and make-up and so they can take a Polaroid etc so hopefully that will be fun! 

Rebecca on promotion said the shoot went well with my jacket in on friday! so i should hopefully get a couple of photos from that by the end of the week! My housemate should be using my jacket from the collection in a shoot tomorrow also so that should be cool!

Busy day tomorrow gotta meet with my group and try and get this marketing report and promotion booklet done! Also modeling for a friend on promotion for her magazine! hope that goes ok! Then cooking for the boyfriend in the evening! 

life is pretty good at the moment. lets hope it stays that way for a while!! 

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