A couple of days ago i had some time to wander around london by myself, id seen the posters around advertising the latest exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, Walking in my Mind and decided to check it out. Before i even got into the gallery the trees along South Bank were wrapped up in red and white poker dotted fabric which seemed to fit in with the image used to advertise the exhibition...

It Started well as i managed to get in for free due to the ticket machine being broken was pretty happy about that as it managed to save me £6.00! (thats like 3 iced vanilla lattes!)  I wasnt too sure what to expect but the idea of 10 different artists using art and instalations to represent what goes on in their minds was intriguing to me. I think its really interesting to see how different people interpret the same brief and the with mind being such a complex and broad subject, so personal too each artist, i assumed it would be a varied and possibly quite bizarre exhibition...

and...i was right. The installations ranged from the a sweet little hut containing kitch ornanments, notebooks and drawings with a record player blaring out music showing a sort of childhood nostalgia to a vulgar room packed with what could simply be described as junk representing the mind storing all its clutter, thoughts and experiences... and hard core porn, in no sort of order.      

The above picture shows a walkthrough of what is meant to be seen as the brain. It was made out of card and tape creating a sort of cave like room which contained items such as photos, foiled people and books representing the different memories and thoughts stored in the mind.

I managed to sneak a few pictures on my iphone not really the best shots but i had to be discrete! Its an interesting exhibition and i really enjoyed my time looking around it and into creative minds! So go check it out for yourself! 

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Anne said...

wow, that red and white are really effectfull.