So me and my housemate were bored the other day and jealous that our other housemate Carla just got offered a Coldplay ticket for FREE! Soooo we decided to buy one off ebay as it was for the following day we had to meet the seller at victoria station! Yess we did think it could be dodgy but thankfully it was all fine and the handover went smoothly!

Unfortunatly i left my camera at my friends house so i couldnt take it so i have stolen the pictures from the lovely Deema Zainy who we were with!

First up to perfrom were a band called White Lies Followed closely by Girls aloud! Who put on a very camp performance! I really wish someone would give them a burger or something they have legs that look like they might break!

Then was the amazing Jay-Z, that man really knows how to get the crowd going!!

Wow that is alot of people behind us!!

Coldplay were an amazing live band! the atmosphere was bloody incredible too! It poured down as they came on and we got seriously drenched but somehow it just made the atmosphere even better!

The gig was really visual the graphics were really beautiful! I think my favourite thing that they did was the unleashment of thousands of butterflies that glowed!! ahhh it was soooo pretty!!

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Roarclothing said...

ah awesome1 That last image of the butterfly's looks beautiful!