We've had a long 3 months off since we finished second year and we've had a lot of time to recover, think and prepare ourselves for the most important and crucial project of our lives so far...THE FINAL COLLECTION! I've been going over and over my ideas in my head all summer, its something i have constantly been thinking about (and worrying about).

We had our brief today...a long talk about all that is involved and all that is expected. It's ALOT, ALOT of work. ALOT of pressure and ALOT of stress! but also ALOT of fun. I'm sure theirs going to be plenty of high days and plenty of low OMG why am i doing this to myself? where is this even going to take me? am i good enough blah blah blah...days... but hopefully after a cry and a moan ill get over it. Until it comes around again. Which it will.

Of course we are being thrown straight into it and next week we have to present our concepts to our tutors and fellow students, and just hope we don't get torn apart and crucified in front of everyone. The tutors can be very honest and if they think your idea is shit, they will tell you its shit. I need to be organised this year so i sat down went over my brief put it into a folder and made myself a time table of what needs to be done untill my first review in 4 weeks.

I am not going to unveil the concept and theme just yet but when i have finished presenting it clearly and have the feedback im hoping for from the tutors i will announce it.I'm feeling quite positive about my concept I think I have chosen the one perfect for me. I'm excited but I'm also pretty pretrified. The pressure is really on this year!

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Mountain said...

Wow, it must be terrifying. I start my fashion knitwear degree next week and that's a scary concept for me(!) It's exciting though, and I can't wait to hear about your concept.