I have just finished packing all the stuff for a shoot i am styling for tomorrow! Havn't had chance to do that in a while so its exciting! I know i am a fashion design student, but i think its so important to explore other areas of the fashion industry to get a greater understanding of all the aspects envolved making yourself versatile and employable!

Anyway I am styling a shoot that will be Photographed once again by Alexander Jordan this time for BETTY magazine. The main focus of the shoot tomorrow is shoes and tights which will be matched with locations and only the legs and maybe parts of skirts and dresses will be shown! I put a quick crop in of some of the tights i have got together, many different colours patterns and textures!

I'll post some "behind the scenes" images tomorrow also i had my first review today! which was scary but went well so i will be writing all about that as well! Right now though i really must sleep!

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