So this is what I have been looking at the past week, photoshop and indesign trying to complete my print project for the River Island competition and finally I have almost got there!!...I just stupidly forgot to code each design with a production number so I have to go through 293 designs and label them, funnnnnn. NOT. It has been a long and boring process at times and with laptop saga's bringing me to tears with stress I'm finally there! YESSSSS!

After long days and even longer nights trying to get it done so I can carry on with my collection I finally have something I'm kind of happy with! Just have to find a printers that can do it in time for my hand in. So by thursday i will have handed in this project, I've already handed in a 5,000 word draft of my dissertation and then the only thing to left to hand in before xmas is our pre collection development! (i say only, this is a lot of work which i still have a lot more of to do)...oh shit i forgot about 2,000 words for marketing.

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