Group Project for the BBC

We have been put into groups for a group collection which i will write about in a new post soon but to start; we have been given a brief by the BBC to make a garment to be shown at London Saint Pancras station. The event is to celebrate Englishness! So we have been asked to make an outfit using whatever we like to show what we see as english! So as we were told to be as inventive as we like we decided to use English newspapers as our theme. We didn't just want to make the dress straight out of paper so i made some sample pieces where i PVA glued newspaper cuttings onto muslin fabric. When the glue dries its left stiff but still moveable! you can screw it up into a ball and the newspaper doesn't crack or rip so it was perfect to make in bulk and use to drape on the stand! We are going to paint headlines on top of the fabric that show English events in history. 

Took all night to dry but worked so well! Cant wait for us to start making something out of it now! 

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