Courtney and Kurt shoot for LOLITA magazine!

Lolita is a fashion magazine that is being put together by a group of Fashion Promotion students from UCA Rochester! Over the past week my housemate Naomi and i have been planning a shoot to be featured in the magazine! We were given the brief to create a shoot inspired by Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain and their young love for each other! 

After a few different ideas and directions we decieded to use our house in the end and shoot in a bedroom, the living room and our garden! It took a while to set up the different scenes so it didnt look like we'd just done it in our house as a last resort but after a few different attempts we got it looking right and setting the right mood! We gathered a load of clothing together and sorted out some different looks ready the night before and hung them on Naomi's rail that she had bought from Argos a few days before to use for shoots...

...turns out it was cheap for a reason!! 

Our lovely models arrived early yesterday morning ready to get the hair and make up done by myself and Naomi once we had them looking hott we got straight down to a long day of shooting! We got a lot of cool shots so we are now just waiting for the images back off of our Photographer Ryan ready to send to the girls at LOLITA! Can't wait to see them! I will post up the best ones once i have received them! 

You can check out my housemate Naomi's blog HERE.

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