The Making of the 'Black Widow' Jacket

I love using paper on the stand to come up with cuts for garments now, you can explore a lot more faster and cheaper! here are some pics of the process i went through to create my jacket that i like to call the 'Black Widow' 

I created a technique piecing triangles and rectangles together and just played around on the stand!!

I added things and took them away taking pictures as i went along so i could easily go back to a idea! 

I started to fill any gaps that i could create other shapes with out of calico by pinning and tracing it off on the stand.

Sticking with the main features i liked i placed on style lines ready to drape the rest of the garment. 

Once id marked on the rest of the style lines i was able to trace them off in calico and take patterns from them and the paper shapes i had created ready to cut out in calico to make my toile!

I'll post pictures of the toile tomorrow! 

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