Jean Pierre Braganza

Today at uni we were given a lecture by designer Jean Pierre Braganza, he used to tutor at 3rd year untill just last year he had to leave which was quite disappointing, but we were lucky to get a lecture with him today which has to be my favorite lecture of the year! I love his work and found his lecture really inspiring and interesting, its great to hear about the industry from someone who really does live it. Of course like every designer and lecturer he made it very clear how stressful, draining, and he used the term heart breaking a lot, it is to run your own label! For some reason its the stress and manic schedule of the industry that appeals to me and excites me the most! the feeling that you can get out of that is worth it all in the end. It does make me laugh when people are constantly mocking fashion courses and the design industry, a few favorite smug comments, "Fashion? thats not a real course", "So what do you actually want to do then? just be a famous fashion designer" their is nothing more patronizing or annoying than when people ask me those questions. Fashion is not just a doss it is not glamorous in the slightest that is all just a front, yeah their maybe parties, celebs and shows but that is just a tiny part of it. The work that goes into making a collection and a business is never ending their is always more work that could be done. I think it all depends on how much love and passion you have for it which determines how much you will be able to take which then determines how successful you are, along with knowing the right people of course!!! Which could seem unfair but thats life you wont get anywhere if you can't network. After all its not about what you know its about WHO you know!

Anyway i need to get on and do some work. Time to start draping! 

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