The toile...

So here are a few pictures of the completed toile as promised yesterday, excuse my messy bedroom in the background. Its impossible to keep tidy when doing work...




It was pretty difficult to sew together as there are a lot of corners and points running into one another so i had to be very careful and precise on the machine! The sleeves, collar, and the pieces that kinda stick out on the back and at the bottom on the sides were all interfaced so they stand well. I have made this in final fabric for a project their were a few problems which need resolving but ill post pictures soon! My next plan though is to use the top of the garment to make a leather caplet type garment! I'm going to add buckled straps to thr front across the chest and some to the back which will come out from the bottom of the sleeves to hold its shape! As soon as i have money that is what i will be doing! hope you like! 

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