So I've been working non-stop the past couple of days trying to get my outfit finished for the group collection project at uni! I have made the hardest Jacket everrr lots of leather and fringing! looks pretty effective though! 

Heres a crappy snap on my iphone 

hmmm hopefully will look good  styled on the model tomorrow! 

I sent my 'Black Widow' jacket away with a lovely Fashion Promotion student today, i can't wait to see the pics from her shoot it will be interesting to see how someone else interprets it without any of my direction.

I've also been helping my boyfriend photographer Alexander Jordan with finding models and clothes for his editorial tomorrow was going to be 2 male models and 1 female model but models cancelled so its ending up a menswear shoot with my friend Charlie Patterson modeling with his scooter! He's only 17, but i think he has a great look for it! Have a suitcase of clothes to arrange into looks in the morning! its a shame the two shoots clashed so i prob wont get to see much of Jordan's shoot but hopefully it all goes well! It's only 2.13 in the morning and I'm gonna go to bed! i thought i'd still have so much more to do but today has gone surprisingly well! Had to cancel on sassoon though :( my hair is a mess as well! never mind hopefully rearrange it for next week! 

Anyway busy day tomorrow with a very early start! 

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Anonymous said...

well you aree a busy girl! keeps you out of mischief!!