Todays Shoot

So today was the day of the group collection photo shoot! was alot of work to get there but its deff been worth it! I've not slept much this week coz ive been busy sewing away but I've eneded it with chilla night drinking with friends! I had to post a few behind the scenes pics though before i upload the edited images from the shoot! we had an amazing photographer come in for us and im really happy with the effects she created works so well with our theme! 

The day started pretty early! we had planned to get Jordan's shoot done today but models can be pretty unreliable so 9.30 came and we only had one when minimum needed really was 2! so the clothes came out for no reason and it had to be rescheduled to Saturday! which is probably better as it means i can actually be there! 

I'm so happy our collection has been shot and shot well! I hopefully will have edited the best pictures by tomorrow so i will post them up as soon as i can! as for now check out some iphone snaps from behind the scenes...

Heres a quick snap of our fabulous model jenna in my outfit, cant really see the detail from the phone though as its too dark, buttt you get the idea! 

First few shots in my outfit

Here is a shot taken with Jenna wearing Meral's outfit from the group.

It was such a fun shoot and i think we managed to get some really strong shots and the collection came really well together in the end! was so much better than i thought it would be so over all I'm really pleased! 

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