I can't get over how fast time is flying by at the moment. I realized that it is now two years since i ventured over to india to do some work experience at Filaure which is ran by my Aunty. It was an amazing experience for me and at times challenging, i was definitely a little nervous to be flying to the other side of the world on my own! Auroville has some beautiful sites and i met some wonderful people, i thought i'd post up a few pictures as i havnt mentioned my trip on the blog before!

The Two Pictures above were takem at the center of Auroville the huge globe building at the top is called the Matrimandir its an AMAZING  building which contains a meditation chamber at the top its an amazing work of art that has taken years to build. The picture beneath that is of the beautiful banyan tree that is next to the Matrimandir the roots grow down from the branches making it look like a group of trees together.

My favourite lizard that i would see running past my feet in the garden most days! 

The little tortoise my second cousins managed to find in their garden! i wish i could of brought it back with me as a pet. 

Can safely say i didnt want to take this one back home as a pet though! 

While helping out at my aunties factory i was able to go and source fabric in the city of Chennai. I had to go to the market where they sold big lots of fabric at extremely cheap prices and select nice ones to take back to be made into garments for the boutique. Above are some pictures of the view from the hotel i was staying in while visiting the city. 

Also in chennai is a crocodile sanctuary where they bread crocodiles in their masses! They had some pretty beasty crocs i can tell you! I also go to see hundreds of snakes that they captured for their venom in order to create Anti-venom.

India is one crazy place! I recommend going and checking it out! Its MENTAL!

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