Being summer and all Alexander Jordan(and his camera) and I decided to make the most of the nice weather and take a trip to colchester Zoo!

Before we even got out to see the animals i found my way to the gift shop! its always the best part, especially when you find hats like these!!

Jordan and his new best friend!

Jordan being the photographer that he is managed to take some good snaps, obv not quite on par with my amazing iphone pics but there alright...

...ok maybe they are better than mine. Not only did he manage to take some wicked pictures, he had to go one step further to better me with this awesome video of the Sea Lions! i did find the music though! Anyway its a really nice little video so i suggest you all have a watch! 

Isn't it dreamy? To see more of Alexander Jordan's work check out his website or have a read of his blog.

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