I really want to reveal the concept and plan for my collection...but im not going to jussstt yet. Maybe tomorrow! I've speant alot of time at my desk today, where the magic happens...

I'm so OVERLY excited about the collection now! I've had things down for quite a while but the past few days I've been taking everything from my sketch book and working it properly and clearly into separate sheets on photoshop, explaining and illustrating the concept. Everything is falling into place perfectly and is making so much sense! Seeing it all pinned up on my wall above my desk coming together makes me feel so happy! It's totally me but not really what people would expect of me which is good. I came up with a name for the collection tonight with the help of my housemates! group brainstorming sessions are always fun! I see everything together as a final image the shoots the video the show everything when i can see it all that far i know its right. :)

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