I have been waiting a while to post up the inspiration for my concept as you knowwww i wouldnt want anyone stealing my ideas and all! Sooo im still in the middle of finalising and writing up my concept you know all the deep shit we have to include and what not. But ill put up the visual references I was inspired by so you can get an idea of what it will start to look like..

Just before Summer there was an exhibition at the Wilkinson Gallery called 'Hallucination Engine' already with that title i knew i was going to love it. The gallery was showing all work by an artist called Tillman Kaiser and basically it is from there that i got the theme for my final collection.

Kaiser produces mixed media paintings and space like sculptures which to the eye look strong and structured but is simply made out of cardboard and tape! Anyway Kaiser takes aspects from everyday life and puts them into these amazing geometric, abstract paintings.

He uses toned down colours but even so they still have a dark futuristic edge to it with images like eyes and insects worked into them. It is this along with a concept I'm developing to do with the mind and emotions that will depict my collection. EXCITING.

I chose my two favourite paintings whiped them onto photoshop and cloned different parts of them to get the colours. They really are not colours i would ever think i would have gone for but for some reason i really love this combination. The colours are pretty muted but together mixed with the black and white (i have to have a contrast and a dark side) from the sculptures they appear quite vibrant and fresh! By looking at these paintings i can trace off shapes to incorporate into my designs.

Above are some fabrics i picked up the other day from the cloth house. These scans really cant do them justice but they a really beautiful fabrics. The top ones are this really nice Organza which is pretty crisp and holds its shape really well so its great to produce structured garments but with a sheer light more delicate feel to it to reflect the false look of sculptures below. The swatches on the bottom include a grey jersey and my favourite this weird latex stuff which some how doesnt look tacky at all but could look really cool used in the right way.

The Sculptures above are really spacy looking and is great for getting shapes and inspiration for some really cool jackets i will be taking this shapes and ideas and playing with paper on my stand to create some striking silhouettes and techniques.

Finally above is some different black and white fabrics to fit in with his sculptures. I think i will consider using the white leather at the top its so nice and soft and has a really nice patent shine to it. Its about £70.00 per skin though so i hope my jackets don't take up too much fabric...eeekkk.

So that is the ground work behind the inspiration for my collection I'm so excited to get working on it and im really liking how the concept is coming together so far! Its colourful and fresh but at the same time dark and edgy just how i like it! Wow anyway i think i will leave it there for now! It was really hard trying to explain that in as many little words without blabbing on and boring you and im feeling really ill with a cold so if it doesnt make much sence illl blame it on the fact im sick and im tired.

Hope you all like. I'll keep you updated.

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Mountain said...

That sounds amazing! I love the colour scheme, and those sculptures will give you such interesting shapes... I can't wait to see how you get on!