First Garment

So the collection development is well underway now and i have my first review next week (shit) and for the review we have to have completed one outfit which should show at least our core shape. The toile will more than likely not be used but its all part of the first stage of development.

Above are a few initial designs for some leather jackets i intend to make inspired by the triangular forms used in kaisers paintings and sculptures. This is just the starting point for them ill then take ideas to the stand and develope them on. I am curently making the pattern for this jacket shown below...

Here is a picture of a rough drape i did on the stand to get the right size and shapes of the features. I hope it all turns out ok not too sure if I'm going to like it but hey its just the starting point!

I have also been in talks about a couple of shoots coming up which i shall be styling for with Alexander Jordan, one for his person projects another for Betty Magazine. I'll post more info on them soon and their progress soon. I have also been in talks with my old friend from college Gemma Pallet who is a wonderful graphic designer! she is going to get started on the branding for my collection and website etc her style is totally fitting with mine and i love all her work so Im really excited to see what she comes up with! I love being able to collab with friends! It's so important to use each other and all the contacts you have to push things further.

Anyway I'm going to get some sleep now i have the basics for my jacket, I've set my alarm for six so hopefully i actually get up then!!

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Mountain said...

Ooh, the jacket is looking wonderful! I love the shape of it. These initial stages are so exciting, but so nerve racking too! I hope your review goes well.