So i didnt manage to get up at 6...more like seven, anyway went in a started to drape my jacket properly. I made all the pieces in paper first and measured it all out so the dimensions and lines reflected each other well.

Once i had the body i moved onto the shoulder...

I wasn't too sure how to develope the sleave like my drawing at first getting the measurements and shapes right so it hangs properly without caving or bending in is really hard. After playing with paper I decided to mold the shape so I could drape ontop of it and develop the right shapes from that.

Above is the start of the molding process I had a trip into town to get polystyrene, floral foam and glue and thought id figure it out somehow.

The mess I produced in the process cups of coffee and squash later...

...I got this! I used polystyrene, paper, card, shoulder pads, paper mache and pleanty of tape to produce the shape and now once it has all dried i can mold the fabric around it so I can get the shapes for the pattern pieces then once I sew it together it should stay in this form.

I hope it al works out tomorrow! I have so much to do I cant waste anymore time faffing!!


Mountain said...

I hope you don't mind me asking, but how do you go about moulding fabric? If it is possible to do this, then I imagine the posibilities are endless in terms of shapes you can create!

Emma Box said...

not really molding in that sense, just placing the fabric around the mold i made.spreading the fabric tightly over tracing it off so you have the right shape piece that you need to sew it together and recreated the mold that i made. hope that makes sense!