Its been a hardworking busy week trying to get my first garment made for my first review next Thursday.

It took me a while to get the pattern made for my sleeves but after playing with the paper on the stand and fixing it around the mold i made splitting and spreading the paper to curve around it i was able to place it onto fabric and sew it together. Below is the final shape of the shoulders i created.

Here is the base of the jacket in paper i used a mixture of flat pattern cutting and draping to create the cut which is the way i normally like to work.

It was a long night sewing the jacket together i was in uni for 10 and didn't leave till about 6 had dinner and sewed my jacket until 3 in the morning! i was soooo ready for bed after that! I thought at first id messed up the shape of the arm holes but when i got to uni my tutor told me to put it on someone to see what the fit was like and she was really impressed with how id done it and told me not to change anything. I just need to practice sewing the shoulder pieces better so its neater and stands better. This is just the first toile so for the first attempt its i just have to decide what im going to make to go with the jacket.

The lovely Alex Oliver id wearing my jacket in the pics above is a quick snap of the back, you can see its puckering a bit in places where i hadn't sewn in the sleeves that great but that's something that will be perfected before its sewn in any final fabrics. The design may well change and develop as its the very first review we don't make any thing for a few months so at this stage its initial ideas.

My fellow student Dervain Batarlo trying to squeeze into the jacket! Ive managed to get hold of a jewelery student at uni who is going to see if he or anyone he knows can colab with me on producing some pieces for my collection. I have ideas i want to develop using perspex to create jewelery using the sculptures as the main inspiration so fingers crossed that will all work out! I shall keep updated. Any I'm off to get ready for my first night out in god knows how long!! i think i deserve it after all my late nights and early mornings! Going into uni tomo though...on a Saturday!!!


Jenna said...

You should look at Fred Butlers work for inspiration for Accessories. Very geometric. :)

Jenna said...

you should look you fred butler- amazing prop designer. the geometric shapes might inspire your jewellery. looking good :)

Emma Box said...

ooh thanks Jenna i shall have a look :)

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