So collection time has started and fabric sourcing has to get going pretty much straight away in order to find the right sort of thing. Last week i headed to Soho for some fabrics which was quite successful, i managed to find some really nice swatches that were pretty perfect for my collection... however wasn't quite so great. Soho is good but the prices are pretty up there! So normally what i do is; go there to find the kind of thing i want then take the swatch to Shepherds Bush to get a cheaper version! However it sometimes it just doesn't cut it. I mean you can find some nice stuff but everything i found just wasn't right and looked cheap. I just ended up getting swatches for the sake of it to fill my fabric book out but i know I'm not going to want to use any of them. Soho is going to bleed me dry this year isn't it. I need to find a money tree.

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