I was feeling like rubbish today and i thought what better way to make myself feel better than to go to the SHOWstudio exhibition at somerset house, especially when i found out Nick Knight would be doing a live photoshoot! It is a small price to pay for such an amazing exhibition! Students can get in for £4.00 and you are actually allowed to take photos!!! So if you are planning on going to see it and don't want to spoil the surprise do not read on...

I have to say i think this is the best fashion exhibition i have been to its got so much to see and many different interactive parts its so much fun! I LOVED IT! The first room was a mirrored room which i got quite excited about.

Above is a massive Naomi Campbell that has doodles and messages written by people online or in the exhibition projected onto her.

Top models including Lilly Cole were asked to leave voice mails throughout fashion week on what they were doing which you could listen to through these phones.

All the worlds top supermodels kisses on glass with there signature!

Ohh my fav Janice Dickinson's lips!! and Aggy's too.

Andy Warhol style screen tests of models asked to say their name and stand in front of the camera for two minutes. You'd think it would be kinda boring to watch someone stand there for a couple of minutes but it was really interesting and sometimes funny (Janice Dickinson)

I love these images.

Garments including designers including Galiano, Margiela, Yamamoto and McQueen. Patterns for these garments can be found online, printed off to scale and pieced together to make your very own version.

Pugh's, McQueens and Margiela's work.

Here is the stairs up to the model casting room where you can record a casting that is uploaded onto and so many people will be picked for a shoot...

Here is my wonderful housemate Becky Davison trying out (making a fool of herself)

...and finally here are a couple of snaps i took of the live photo shoot with Nick Knight shooting for Vmen... yes that actually is Nick Knight!

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