Once all of our collections have been made an internal show is held for the judges, who will be selecting 20 students to represent the universtiy at Graduate Fashion Week in London. This costs quite a lot of money to set up there are so many things that have to be paid for and unfortunately the three grand we each pay a year doesn't cover it! So its up to us to get the money together! I think we are expected to raise about £4,000 to pay for a venue and good professional models. So its going to be a long proccess trying to raise that amount of money but everylittle counts at the point!

Today we put on a cake sale in our uni bar and managed to raise £168 to add to our stash! We have a long way to go but we have many different things being planned so hopefully by the end of the year we will have made a good amount!


Emma Bell said...

oooh Le Box....I want some of these cakes!!!Im eating STRUDEL....RIGHT NOW!!WOOOO!

Emma Box said...

i thought of you today! i was like ahh i need emma to teach me how to make those amazing rainbow glitter cakes theyd go down a treat!