Alexander Jordan is starting up a new project for an online magazine called 'MYTHOS MAGAZINE' Contributors are needed to write articles for the first issue so if any of you see yourself as a bit of a writer have a read of the brief and get involved!

Mythos Magazine editorial brief: the “issues” issue.


I am creating a magazine where the editorial images, be that fashion or portraiture, are included and in reference to the editorial texts and articles contributed to the magazine. To create this work I will need written submissions for the magazine that I can then create visual work for it to be paired with.

Because of this I am looking for pieces of fact based editorial writing, this doesn’t mean that the piece has to be full of statistics but it can not be full of un substantiated claims, other than this you are free to write about anything to do with a current issue and write how ever you like as I want variants in both the magazines content and style.

The deadline for this work is the 20th of November, as it will then need to be proof read, visually represented and then flat planned before the magazine can be finalized for its launch next year.

Any piece is welcome but not guaranteed to be included due to the concept of the magazine, although I do plan to include some texts without also creating imagery from them. Please send a concept, just a sentence, explaining what you intend to write about before you start to avoid having the same thing being written about by more than one person.

Please email any questions and your concepts to;

Thank You,

Alexander Jordan

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