I'd like to introduce my readers to a new magazine hitting the internet in the next few months the first issue has been printed and soo will be up online for everyone to access. The people behind the project include my two housemates Imy Smart and Naomi Brown a.k.a Naomi Styles. Below is a sneak peak at the current issue and a few lines about the concept. Make sure to become a fan on facebook to be kept up to date with the online development!

"Book 77 has been created for the decadent and dysfunctional. We aim to shock those who believe they have seen everything and invite those into a world of sexy, rich and obscene. Book 77 is the essential, quirky, classy and British magazine, which effortlessly combines enthralling journalism, fashion, stories, arts, sex diaries, letters and confessions for men and women."

Its a great magazine offering something a bit different for a change! It's perfect for anyone with a dark side!

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Curiouser And Curiouser said...

Haha! My blog pictures seem to be doing the rounds!
Thanks for the book 77 mention though! :)