I haven't been posting too much about my collection on here recently! I dont want to give everything away so every now and then ill give a little insight! I really enjoyed developing prints for the river island project so I am planning on incorporating a print into my collection and im currently playing with ideas about how to do it! I think im going to use some of the photos i took for the river island project as the lights can fit in with the halucintation part of my concept and i love them and would be a shame not to be able to actually use them! I want to work on top of this with insect wings and maybe some eyes, Tilman Kaiser the artist im looking at for the inspiration behind my collection has insects and eyes worked into his paintings so its a good reference i can use.

Above is a pattern I'm making with a outlined drawing of a flies wing, i placed each on in different positions which took me ages and sent my eyes funny! I want it to end up being a little trippy though!

Then above and below are some quick examples of how i can incorporate the wings and lights together. I put filters on the edited pictures of lights and took different sections i liked tiled it and added the wings on top to accentuate the shapes.

I dont think these will get used it was just to show the idea and a starting point. I think i need to town down the colours a bit but i think once I've worked on them over the next few weeks i should have something pretty hot! Let me know what you think!

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