So im lying in bed with thoughts of fabric and print going round and round in my head, over and over. Today i spent the day running in between the print room and the dye lab trying to digital print onto fabric tests for my final print. After problems with the machine and freak outs on the technicians i think i have decided on the final ones. I was also dying fabric which i couldn't get in the right colours anywhere so i have to go through the slow process of mixing dyes to match the the right shade. Not a quick job. But they are getting there.

Now i have plenty of samples I am heading back into london tomorrow to purchase some fabrics and my leather skins so i can match it all to the print. Its going to be an expensive day. The thought of buying my final fabrics excites me, but also scares the shit out of me! There is so much riding on this collection it has to go ok! Heres a snap of the fabric printed today. 

I need to start things rolling now my tutor claims to be going grey and panicking for us as the year is so far behind. We are meant to have four outfits sewn up by next week. Most people haven't started sewing the finals yet! God help us. 

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