Friday saw the beginning of fashion week and it is now well underway, i was lucky enough to get to dress at one of my favourite designers Jean-Pierre Braganza's show. Jean-Pierre used to tutor at my uni but now he just comes very now and again to review our collections progress. It was great to be able to see the clothes up close and take note of the finishing and techniques, they were all so beautifully made. Below are some shots from the catwalk show taken from the london fashion week website. The first model is the one i dressed.

The cutting techniques were so interesting to look at the shapes and structure of the garments really reflected the beautiful prints well. Good job J-P!

Here a few sneaky shots from my iphone apologies for the extremely bad quality the camera on those phones are shit.

It was all really well organised and the prepping for the show went nice and smoothly. The chaos didn't come until we moved the rails backstage two other designers were showing as apart of the same show Felder Felder and Hannah Marshal, whos clothes didn't look too impressive tbh it mainly consisted of black velvet dresses with oversized shoulders and very unflattering leather trousers!

Show was over pretty quickly with one quick change with my model, gotta love a quick change! Then clothes were packed away back into boxes and the shoes (Nicholas Kirkwood ones which were amazing!) were ticked off bagged up and ready to go! Then we were free to leave and finally get some food!

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