As i mentioned before i didn't want to reveal too much about my collection before the final garments are produced. Im really enjoying the process of making my collection its really what makes me feel most satisfied and happy, although at the same time it induces a large amount of stress, sleepless nights and a few tears every now and then but thats all part of the creative process!

All my six outfits are toiled up, I'll have a final fitting this week and hopefully if all goes to plan I'll have all my fabrics sorted this week so I can cut out my patterns and send them up to leicester to the factory to be made up! Also my prints need to be finalised, had many test ones printed but still need to play around and make a few changes but they are getting there!

Im so excited to see it all come together and seeing all the hard work pay off. I aim to get in the studio everyday between 8 and 8.30am staying to till closing time at 8, so its pretty long 12 hour days but we manage to have lots of fun and keep ourselves entertained! Often this involves cupcakes to help fuel the day and keep us happy! Lola's red velvet ones from Selfridges are the cup cake of choice!

Inappropriate names for materials provide us with a giggle 

When all gets too much calms is our saviour, pro plus keeps us going in times of need and vitamins are needed to accompany the shit we eat in a hurry. 

Steph obviously hadnt been abusing the supplies...

Dont worry we saved her from suffication. 

So theres a brief update in the world of third year fashion design. I'll try to update a bit more regularly again as hand in is in the horizon (this makes me want to throw up). It really breaks my heart to think this could be the last collection i ever get to make, or if i hopefully do get the opportunity to do more it realistically wont be for a very long time. Why can't i be born into a rich and famous family?! 

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Cassandra Hueser said...

Don't say you'll never make another collection, you just need to be determined! I know how it feels to not want to leave the comfort and protection of school, real life just doesn't provide the same opportunities. I'm sure you'll manage!